As we’re spending a good few days in Saigon next December, I thought I’d research some Vietnamese dishes. I don’t want us to end up eating KFC for a week! The excellent Thorn Tree forum on Lonely Planet recommended, a Vietnamese food blog written by a witty chap called Graham Holliday.

The author takes a classic Vietnamese dish such as pho, a noodle broth, and reviews a wide range of restaurants, markets and shacks serving it; from Saigon to Hanoi. If you’re into Asian food, check it out.

The French colonial influence can be found all over Vietnam it seems, and not just in the architecture. Take the Vietnamese version of our breakfast roll, a banh mi: French bread filled with pate, cucumber, chillies, coriander, shredded pork and sprinkled with nuoc mam, the Vietnamese fish sauce. It’s got to be tasty stuff.


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