Link: London Michelin Stars

Found this post on Urban Path, listing the Michelin-starred restaurants in London for 2009. Some points of interest:

  • there is only one “3-star” restaurant in London, none other than “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay”. He’s more of a ‘sleb and TV presenter these days but evidently he can still impress the judges.
  • there are only eight “2-star” establishments, which include some familiar names: Ducasse, Wareing, Roux and Robuchon.
  • there are thirty four  “1-star” restaurants including our very own Richard Corrigan. He’s listed here as being at Lindsay House, but he has since moved to plusher digs under a new name: “Corrigan’s Mayfair”. I also noticed he’s been included in the “British” section, not sure what he would think of that.


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