Salmon Ramen

Salmon Ramen

It’s always nice when you hit upon a recipe as quick and simple as this. It makes you wonder why you’ve never attempted it before. I marinated a salmon fillet with a couple of tablespoons of bottled teriyaki sauce. I then grilled the salmon on an oiled baking sheet for about 5 minutes. In the meantime, I made up two sachets of instant miso soup and added a few mange tout for a little crunch and colour. I ladled the miso soup on top of some cooked udon noodles and topped with the grilled salmon. I then garnished with some pickled red ginger.

I very much doubt the authenticity of this dish, but it worked exceptionally well. I’m not sure if the Japanese would ever put pickled ginger on top of a ramen dish. As for the mange tout, I’m sure some bean sprouts or shi-take mushrooms would work very well. Light and tasty, I’ll definitely do this again.

Serves 1.


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