The Market Bar, Dublin

The recession must be over. On walking through the door of a certain city-centre restaurant (whose name no-one can seem to pronounce…) the missus and I were patiently informed by a waiter that they did not open for another five minutes. O-kayy. There was no “would you like to order a drink while you wait?“; no “sure, come on in anyway“. It didn’t piss me off or anything, I was just surprised. Funnily enough, we weren’t really in the mood to stand outside the door for five minutes, so we went elsewhere. All I can say is that business here must be positively booming…

So we opted for the nearby Market Bar. It’s on Fade Street, just off George’s Street. It fancies itself as a tapas bar, but in truth there’s only a smattering of tapas-like dishes on the menu. It’s a strange place, like it can’t make up it’s mind whether it’s a bar or a restaurant.  There is some limited seating at the bar, but if you want to sit at a table you must wait to be seated. It’s not a great place for a drink because the waiting staff are usually all over you to order food. Despite this, I like it a great deal. On reflection, I’ve been here three times in the last month and each time I visited I’ve been delighted at the great value it offers.

On my last visit to the Market Bar, I was accompanied by The Editor. Many of the dishes on the menu are available in small and large versions. Greedy-guts that we are, we ordered large versions of  far too many dishes: A dish of meatballs accompanied by fried potatoes, skewers of chicken and chorizo and that old favourite, patatas bravas. We also munched on a basket of bread and a dish of  marinated olives. The olives, which came complete with stones, were truly some of the best I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant (nothing soggier or sadder than stoned olives in a restaurant. Salamanca, please take note…).

Two hours later, after much eating, drinking and nattering we were presented with a bill for €40. Wow. I know a lot of people that don’t like the Market Bar; granted, the place is a bit cavernous and noisy. But the food is excellent and it offers some great value.

Verdict: 7/10

The Market Bar [website]
Fade Street, Dublin 2

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  1. 1 Mick September 14, 2009 at 11:05 am

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    kind Rgs

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