Tim Hayward’s Bonfire Night Chilli

Chilli con carne

I’ve just been reading a great article by The Guardian food writer Tim Hayward on how to make the perfect chilli. Tim slow-roasts beef shin and belly pork and then shreds the meat with forks before adding to the chilli. He also recommends adding crushed tortilla chips and used coffee grounds! Some great tips there.

There’s a huge community of committed chilli-heads out there; some of them are so proud of their own recipes that they compete in organised “cook-offs”. Like a curry or a good bolognese sauce, I love reading about how other people make chilli and seeing what sets theirs apart. I love the way dishes like this allow you to improvise in the kitchen and put your own stamp on things.

Here is my own recipe for Beef & Bean Chilli. Like Tim Hayward, I like to use smoky chipotle chillis in my recipe, as well as dried oregano. I was in Napa, California recently and stopped by a Mexican supermarket where I picked up some authentic Mexican oregano. I’ve never seen it available for sale in Ireland. It lends a great flavour to Mexican dishes, being spicier and stronger than Mediterranean oregano.

One comment on Tim’s article recommends adding a dash of bourbon; now I like the sound of that!



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