IN-N-OUT Burger, San Francisco

The Burger

I’d read about IN-N-OUT Burger on various food forums and was determined to visit a branch during my trip stateside. The marketing blurb is to be believed. This place was set up in 1948 and the stores, staff uniforms and (most importantly) the food hasn’t changed since then. This place is a step above “retro” – it was always like this. Smartly dressed and polite staff, proper french fries and very tasty burgers. The boss, a strawberry shake conisseur, gave hers a definite thumbs-up. In my opinion, the acceptable face of fast food in America.

Finally, I’ve often wondered what root beer tastes like. Maybe I watched too much “Happy Days” in my youth. Well I finally got to sample it. Jesus. If this stuff was in a medicine bottle you’d chuck it down the sink…

Find out more about IN-N-OUT Burger’s history here.

Cool uniforms

The Root Beer



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