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“Cheap” Cuts of Meat?

Lamb Shoulder

Did anyone watch “Economy Gastronomy” last night? It’s a new BBC cookery show presented by Paul Merrett and Allegra McEvedy which attempts to educate people on how to eat better for less money. In last night’s show, Paul Merrett stated that lamb shoulder was a “cheap” cut of meat and claimed a 2kg shoulder should cost about £12. That’s less than €14. Perhaps Paul and Allegra should pay the Emerald Isle a visit. I’ve never paid less than €20 for a shoulder of lamb. I find myself getting frustrated by reading food writers who claim that cuts of meat like beef shin, pork belly and lamb shoulder are cheap. This is absolute rubbish.

According to Tim Hayward in the Guardian, the current economic climate is the cause of rising prices for cheaper cuts, but I don’t agree. These “trendy” cuts were never cheap here. So, are we being ripped off? Again…?

Read Tim’s article here.

Kebab Flavoured Pot Noodle?

Students everywhere rejoice! As if Pot Noodle’s image couldn’t get any trashier, the manufacturers have brought out a “Doner Kebab” flavour pot noodle. Jesus. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Of course, the papers are having a field day with this one. I’m tempted to buy one, purely in the interests of scientific research.