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Pizzeria Uno, Chicago

Pizzeria Uno

Up until now, my only experience of Chicago-style pizza was the type available in freezer cabinets. I think Pizza Hut do a deep pan pizza also, but again, it’s a miles away from the real thing. According to a lot Chicago foodies and bloggers, the place to go for pizza is the modestly named Pizzeria Uno. “Unos” is now a nationwide chain, but we visited the original restaurant in downtown Chicago.

We “waited on line”, as they say and were surprised to be told that the pies take an hour to cook, but we could make our order and come back in an hour. Judging by the queue forming behind us, it looked like it the wait would be worth it. We opted to wait at the bar and sampled quite a few glasses of the excellent local brew, Goose Island Honker’s Ale.

Finally, our pie arrived. The crust was like nothing I’ve ever see before in a pizza. The base was more like shortcrust than the chewy pizza crust I was familiar with. The deep dish was chock full of ham and roasted veggies which had an amazing flavour, due in no small part to the huge amounts of fresh tomato. This gave the pizza some real zip. There’s a great atmosphere here and the staff are very friendly. If you can’t get in, they have a sister restaurant only a block away called, appropriately, “Pizzeria Due”.


Bar - Pizzeria Uno

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