Peking Restaurant, Hong Kong


So I finally got to sample authentic Peking Duck. I’m not going to let the fact that I’m currently nowhere near Peking spoil a good post. Peking Duck in Hong Kong is probably the closest I’m going to get.

I’ve long suspected that the rubbish my local takeaway describes as “Peking Duck” is nothing like the real deal. Cremated slivers of duck fat served in a foil container. Sound familiar?

Myself and the wife ventured up Nathan Road and eventually found the simply named “Peking Restaurant”, recommended by our trusty Lonely Planet. We were met at the top of the stairs by a jolly waiter who informed us the place was full for the night. The place was rammed with locals (always a good sign) and I had the sinking feeling that we had just missed out on something special. Oh well. The waiter sensed our disappointment and offered to prepare a takeaway for us, but we politely declined. No point in going to China to eat takeaway, right? That night we ended up eating at a great Indian restaurant in the scary Chungking Mansions.


The following day however, we were picking up suits from the tailor which happened to be in the vicinity of the restaurant. Too early for lunch? Nah, let’s do it.




Well, it was fantastic. Juicy duck with golden crispy skin and a selection of condiments, all washed down with plenty of jasmine tea. My only faux pas was adding the pickled cabbage and peanuts to my duck pancakes! The waiter cheerfully informed me that they were “a snack”. Oh well, it tasted great.

At the end of the meal our happy waiter (who recognised us from the night before) offered us a complimentary dessert; it was basically a Chinese version of a doughnut, sugar-covered pastry with a soya bean filling. Not bad.


Peking Restaurant

1st Floor, 227 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



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